a beautiful devil

2011年05月28日 21:17

silver bells lilies of the valley2011

He was very nice: and he was very beautiful:
'I wish you could be insane!'
He said gently to me... as if a sweet breeze in the spring dusk over the shore...
by the window, leaning on the frame made of wood,
we were sitting quietly...
I felt his warmth by the back and arms-- his fingers grasped my hand softly:
but I couldn't grant his wish: I was too tough to be insane:
headaches fell down on to me: though he didn't realize it,
he drank my aches of my head from my neck:
I fell into a coma for days, with dreaming of miserable woman as me:
in my dreams, I could sink down the deep water:
in the reality, I couldn't sink down even the shallow water:
after waking up, I felt very sad because he wasn't there:
he left me with his despair because I couldn't be insane.